Version 1.2 Release Notes - Depths of Umbra-K54 (New Bonus Campaign)

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Version 1.2 Release Notes - Depths of Umbra-K54 (New Bonus Campaign)

Post by Edinstein » Fri Jul 22, 2022 5:01 pm

Hello everyone,

Launch Teaser:

Version 1.2 is now available! We’re excited to introduce a new campaign: Depths of Umbra-K54, and a new ship: The URV-500 Submersible.

This campaign takes place in the sea under the icy surface of the rogue planet Umbra-K54. Your crew is tasked with investigating an unusual warp-field anomaly.

Important note: It is not recommended to rely on the AI PiBot for the new campaign, as the challenges found within would require a lot of specific behaviors. Because of that, we recommend planning accordingly!

  • New Campaign: Depths of Umbra-K54
  • New Ship: The URV-500 Submersible
  • 3 New Enemy types
  • 4 New Boss Enemies
  • New systems and screens including hull breaches and ship flooding for the URV-500
  • New URV components
  • 28 readable logs
  • 2 new achievements
  • Increased the size of the top-right UI showing your ship’s hull and shields for improved clarity
  • The dialogue window has been increased in height to allow for more dialogue options to be displayed and more text to be shown
  • Certain UI elements now hide themselves when the Tab menu is open to prevent overlapping
  • Turrets can now be exited without delay for non-host players
  • Fixed issue with dropped item Captain notification not showing the name of the item dropped
  • Fixed issue that could cause audio issues in certain situations
  • Fixed some issues with offline mode that caused menus to not properly update themselves while open
  • Fixed visual issue when a fuel capsule is loaded but the ship is out of fuel
  • Fixed issue with the repair gun that could cause it to stop working in certain situations
  • Fixed issue that caused fog effects to affect in-game cinematics
  • Fixed issue with loading AI priorities that could cause incorrect priorities to activate
  • Changed some internal physics settings to improve performance in certain situations
  • Academy: Removed option for external camera when using the Captain’s Chair in the Academy due to lack of a proper exterior environment
  • VR: Fixed issue with certain UI elements not aligning with the camera properly in VR mode
  • VR: Fixed issue with in-game opening cinematics not being visible in VR mode
Thanks for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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