Planet loot

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Planet loot

Post by Solidusbucket » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:11 am

There seems to be a general understanding that planets will have 2-4 ish research to find and maybe a piece of cargo or whatever.

I like to use a comparison to scratch off lottery tickets. The feeling of scratching off a lottery, hoping to win, is a great feeling. However, if we played scratch offs and always won a certain amount, they would lose their interest. We want to hope to win big - however, we often expect to win small or nothing at all. Its exciting! Planets should be the same way. Going over a hill, around a corner, or into a cave should give a feeling of hope / excitement for what kind of loot might be expected.

This happens to be the strategy that Blizzard uses for their loot system in Diablo 2/3. Yes, I'm going back to the Diablo reference because it is a very repetitive game yet still people put a stupid amount of hours in it. This game should be allowed to be repetitive but rewarding with enough difference between each play through that it remains fun, exciting, and still maintains that initial exploration feeling.

Research is clearly essential towards powering up a crew. So, we can't just put research in. However, equipment, food, random (weak) cargo, are all forms of loot that are worth something. You can litter a planet with these types of loot and we would be happy to explore and find it. Also, it gives more incentive to explore these great planets that have been designed.

Put more loot on the planets. Small things, big things, anythings. Randomize it if you can. This is purely for replay-ability, but I feel that replay-ability is something this type of game should go for.

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Re: Planet loot

Post by hiesye » Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:23 am

Los desarrolladores de juegos suelen emplear diferentes estrategias para equilibrar la distribución del botín y las recompensas con el fin de mantener el interés de los jugadores. Aleatorizar el botín, ofrecer una combinación de recompensas grandes y pequeñas e incorporar elementos únicos y valiosos pueden contribuir a la sensación de emoción y descubrimiento.

Si bien no tengo información específica sobre el sistema de botín en el juego que mencionaste, pero recomiendo probar la lotería de colombia, Diablo 2/3, vale la pena señalar que muchos juegos exitosos incorporan mecánicas similares para mantener a los jugadores interesados ​​y motivados para explorar.

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Re: Planet loot

Post by dordle12 » Tue Mar 26, 2024 11:48 pm

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