NEW CU Mission Idea

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Starcrossed Jack
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NEW CU Mission Idea

Post by Starcrossed Jack » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:22 am

A mission in which as CU officers you have to perform inspect/ investigate/ espionage the W.D. flagship before it becomes infected. To keep the mission small the flagship could have been ordered to be inspected, but they end up refusing and the CU crew is insulted/ rebuffed with overconfidence on the bridge. It would be kind of funny if the flagship had to stop at an inspection station, which it warped in and had broken.

Sidequests could include tracking down the location of the flagship which could have left after breaking the station to avoid CU space (Missions can be given along the way) or delivering a holotape to a family member of an employee (ex. Roalwin Mocath).

A perquisite of 8 rep would be good and the objective of the flagship/ infected of course should not be mentioned.

Current lore could allow this, because due to the arrival of the flagship and several W.D. officers abandoning the flagship at Outpost 448 before the Infection, had probably caused a stir within CU Command and opportunity to investigate. The GX database entry 7 states the flagships "extent of its weaponry is unknown" and I'm sure Command wouldn't pass the opportunity up. Due to how regulated intergalactic warp is, the CU might want evidence of the warp schematics too. Perhaps, inspections is another divide between the CU and WD relations and put the CU crew in a diplomatic incident.

We could also meet Roalwin Mocath a supervisor who went missing a couple month before the W.D. campaign.

Chronologically, the AOG campaign follows the WD of the fate of the flagship (WD) and the galactic warp schematics (AOG). Sadly, the C.U. seems disconnected from the entire narrative.
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Re: NEW CU Mission Idea

Post by Moto0106 » Sun May 22, 2022 8:58 am

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