Anomalies concept

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Anomalies concept

Post by Obi-Wan Kenobi » Tue Apr 19, 2022 4:06 pm

I feel like there is almost no point in revisiting a sector that you've been to other than to collect some research material or destroy some beacons for scrap. What if you once jumped into a sector and your scientist saw something strange on the sensors? You know those star trek like scenarios.
Anomalies are some strange things, starting with a space rift and ending with a radiation noise on the ships sensors. There should be a lot of anomaly types so the players couldn't expect that exact thing, but also be quite rare. To encourage people's interest in anomalies, after research they should give you a research material.

While anomalies in my opinion are an interesting concept, It's way harder than making a simple random encounters, maybe trade routes between shops and scrapyards, on which you have more chances meeting a civilian cargo ship or an A.O.G ambush. Just simple ship traffic would make this game much more alive and interesting. I know about this game's limitation. As far as I know sectors outside of players render are completely inactive, but maybe make it a simple table, we don't need X4 Foundations in Pulsar :D.
I hope you will tell me if anything interested you, or gave you an idea! I love this game! Thank you developers!

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