Unstable Bots not ready for release after 4 years...

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Unstable Bots not ready for release after 4 years...

Post by JamesTJerk » Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:03 am

I just got the game today after watching a bunch of YouTube videos on this game . Mainly for occasional multiplayer with friends but Mostly as single player when they are not able to play it. My 2 MAIN ISSUES are Bots not working their assigned stations. Mainly PiBot, COMPLETELY ignoring orders 95% of the time or deliberately disobeying them on purpose. The other issue is the ENG and SiBot are abnormally close and jittery together in the healing chamber and ignoring my orders no matter the command or alert status. They stay close but when that is turned off they get back to...I don't know, trying to reproduce or make out?

The PiBot is 98% useless and deliberately disobedient no matter the orders, alert or priorities. i plot a course and it turns 90 degrees away from alignment direction and "parks" the ship there. if I plotted course points Northwest then PiBot points North East and sits still. I Take over to point ship correctly and by the time i try to click misaligned cursor to align ship to jump to warp, PiBot changes the heading AWAY from the aligned direction needed.

No matter how many commands, alert changes or priorities i adjust, the results are the same. it turns away and parks. When I order it to pursue an enemy as I got full hull and shields and aggression and priority both set to 5 it wants to run away as fast as possible. So i have to go from red alert to green to park the ship and after going to Red Alert again, it just turns tail and runs away.

EVEN WHEN REMOVING AND RESPAWNING THE BOTS DOES NOTHING to fix the issue. In my opinion these A.I. BOTS are too unstable to be ready for full release. The "BOTS" in Star Trek Online are far more stable. But they are designed for ground missions rather than ship functions. In Pulsar my Bots follow me ok on ground missions, but cannot move ship half the time to get anywhere to a ground combat mission to really test them because they do not assist the ship very well.

Maybe when single player is flying the ship, perhaps some functions should be automated like a normal player controlled ship. Press a key to call up a launch virus list and press a key to send it while flying ship in first or 3rd person. In other words, maybe having the ship as a single player mode unless boarded or boarding another ship or station the game works as is.. Its a great system for teaming up with people who have voice chat, no issues there. However the Bots do not have a solid role or understanding of what the player wants.

Let me use the PiBot warping as an example. When i set a course and maybe press a key to tell it to "go" while in the map screen it simply points the right way and if needed charges the engine, or the EngBot is "teamed" into that command operation then the pilot "goes to warp".

Like this. When "I", "The Captain" -plot a course- and -press assigned key-, PiBot -points the ship=, EngBot -charges the engine- and pilot makes the ship "go" so "warp to" auto activates a team of commands. Like a drag and drop list of commands.

Captain "wants" this "bot1" to: chase or evade target, warp ship to.... So warping could build a chain of commands. When I CLICK ON OR PRESS THIS "KEY" i WANT (list of bots) to -- move ship-- closer-- farther- to warp location- enemy target- etc. Then add 2nd (list of bots) and when first bot does chosen command like PiBot aligning ship to warp, EngBot is told to -balance power load- authorize PiBot to align- charge warp engines- charge and activate warp.
Basically player builds a command from a list to make a chain of orders like when I press the warp key "PiBot" will...1. Align ship for plotted course 2. EngBot will tell PiBot to align or charge warp engines if already aligned. 3. captain chooses to either carry out ASAP or stand by after ready and await command.

i DO NOT SEE a current method of how to make a dedicated list of commands for one or more bots. The current A.I. BOT command system seems to be a guess the intent if something happens in or around this situation and maybe it does and maybe it ignores the command.

Perhaps i am missing something? Like 2 times warping worked in green alert then once in Yellow alert but the rest of the times after them it just ignores the list of commands.

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Re: Unstable Bots not ready for release after 4 years...

Post by JamesTJerk » Mon Jun 14, 2021 1:13 pm

Ok, I admit there was a bit of a mistake. Actually after watching the A.I. tutorial A SECOND time lol, i think i have a good grasp on configuring the A.I. bots. So here is a summary of what i wanted how i did it and why it works so if single players are having issues training the A.I. how they think it should work.

Since the game is compared to Star Trek i will default this layout to that terminology. Say Kirk gets back aboard and want to proceed to a new location ad says to "Prepare to warp". Then after a brief pause the command is acquired automatically and followed for each leg of the trip. So how does the single player do this?

Create a custom command, in this case i called it "Prepare to Warp" Then click the A.I. bots tab where you choose the priority list. center of menu black text white background. Now since the engineer and pilot will BOTH BE INVOLVED in the order, let's start with the pilot. Look for his command "align ship for warp" or the equivalent command either for its priorities or class. once you see it, click on it and you will see a black priority list on the right come up.

1. in the upper right of the black tab click "NEW", now here is where you search on the far left of that window for where your "custom order" was made. the one called "Prepare for Warp".
2. Click on your command to place it in the order priority black window you were just at.
3. When you see your new custom warp command click the tab next to it to slide it to the TOP OF THE LIST.
3a. The A.i. is configured to select the top down from the white list then for each item in the white list, its top down for the black list which is why you moved the warp command there.
4. Click all 5 dots.
5.Cycle to the engineer bot and look for the charge engines for warp command from it's white center list.
6. click on its command and in the black tab, like before click new then your "Prepare for Warp" command you made earlier.
7 Repeat step 3 and 4. close screens.

Now here is what you did and must do to train the A.I. Create a custom command and insert WHERE that command will be located in bots white list of what it can do. in the black list move your custom command to top of black list and make it a 5 dot when clicking new and the custom command places it on that black list after you moved it to the top. repeat for each bot involved in the process. So make custom command, PLACE IT where they can find it, put command at the top of their black list. DONE.

Now before i beam up to ship i know where i want to go for a mission so i press the Z key and highlight "Prepare for Warp". When i beam up to ship the engine automatically charges with or without a course plotted. ship is ready to go as soon as i beam aboard if course made or when i make one.

Each leg automatically COMPLETED AND ORDER STILL IN EFFECT causes the ship to immediately charge the engines, align the ship AFTER engine is charged and if canceled, holds the charge for me to do whatever then when clicked again, or not interrupted will warp immediately. UNLESS ATTACKED as weapon impact throws course alignment off and places ship on red alert. if you want to leave anyway, outrun your foe's weapon range and resume your way when realigned.

Hope this helps single players who are frustrated by A.I. bot behavior as now the game is fun to play for both single and co-op play. Looking forward to the games full release.

If any Dev's read my earlier post, please accept my humble apologies as i now have a better understanding of how to configure the A.I.

In closing,
1.Create a custom order title,
2.place WHERE the command will be located in the white list of the bot that will execute the order and
3.add it to the black list and
4.slide command to top of black list and
5. make it 5 dots.
6. When you want to carry it out press the Z key and enjoy!

I like the Fluffy Biscuit faction. Although like its engineering systems pillar says for cloaking system as it's bottom has written on it, the flying breadbox needs a cloaking device for smuggling contraband Biscuits behind W.D. factions enemy lines. LOL.

Hey i got an idea from your Lore. since the W.D. faction enslaved the Sylvakks IN SUITS THAT DO NOT CLOAK them as their ability is suppressed, make a "contraband" biscuit that cloaks the eater for 30 seconds with each one and if player is Sylvakk, it adds to their timer as well. Hence the name "Contraband Biscuits".

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