Beta 31.02 Release Notes

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Beta 31.02 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Mon Apr 26, 2021 7:00 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 31.02 is now out!

  • Ships will now automatically shutdown if they are infected with more than 12 active viruses
  • Tweaked the math on how ship boosting works. It shouldn’t apply as much drag, so it will be less likely to slow down ships already moving at high speeds.
  • Fixed a collision issue regarding the engineering system instance and the reactor structure on the W.D. Destroyer-Class starship
  • Fixed issue related to active viruses being added to your cargo slots
  • Fixed an issue with emissive materials on robot characters
The Unseen Threat (possible spoilers)
  • Fixed a handful of reported collision and other visual issues on the Paladin-Class starship
  • Fixed a handful of collision issues reported at the Polytechnic Federation hub
Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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