Beta 31.3 Release Notes

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Beta 31.3 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:22 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 31.3 is now out! This update focuses on more bug-fixing as well as a balance pass on Sector Commanders. It’s been a while since we really worked on them, so they were certainly falling behind a little bit. We hope these changes help make them more challenging again.

Balance Changes
  • Sector Commanders should clear viruses faster
  • Drone-type Sector Commanders have increased system healing rates
  • Ancient Sentry: Doubled ship system health, further increased weapon system health
  • Ancient Sentry: Improved turret tracking behavior
  • Ancient Sentry: Missiles are faster, better at tracking the player’s ship, and deal more damage.
  • Deathwarden: Improved speed and maneuvering
  • Deathwarden: Increased ship system health (Eng to 50, Weap to 40, Science to 50)
  • Keeper: Faster and smoother movement
  • Keeper: Beam damage slightly decreased, but can now rotate the beam towards the player’s ship
  • Keeper: Engineering system health increased to 60
  • Keeper: Laser turrets changed to railgun turrets
  • Grim Cutlass: Added more crew talents
  • Grim Cutlass: Crew now has more powerful repair and fire extinguishing tools
  • Caustic Corsair (Alchemist): Added more crew talents
  • Caustic Corsair (Alchemist): Upgraded ship components, added additional tracker missile component slot and another acid missile
  • Caustic Corsair (Alchemist): Crew now has more powerful repair and fire extinguishing tools

  • Tweaked the Weapbot’s AI to make it less likely to leave turret in battle to repair systems
  • Added new override to Scibot’s “block long range comms” program behavior in the default AI priorities
  • Reduced all incoming system damage by 30%
  • Enemy turrets are a bit more accurate than before
  • Fixed an issue with the scanner HUD that could overlap ship component slots in the expanded view
  • Fixed an issue with the ship attribute display not correctly updating certain values
  • Potential fix for the issue related to the sensor dish not receiving input from the player controlling it
  • Fixed a bug where the Scibot would enter and leave the sensor dish repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly apply the galaxy-wide “occasionally damaged” effect to Sector Commanders. They should always start at full hull integrity now.
  • Sector Commanders should no longer warp away from battle
  • Fixed an issue with the Swarm where higher-quality graphic settings had an impact on its healing rate
  • Fixed a different issue with the Swarm related to random timing based on the host’s framerate
  • Fixed some class-specific talents which weren’t working correctly on enemy crews
  • Fixed an issue with the Defender, Railgun, Biohazard, Flamelance and Phase turret bases showing up in the sensor dish view when they should be hidden

Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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